“I receive many invitations to share my experiences and insights on life through various topics with corporate, educational/health/cultural and not for profit audiences. Blending nēhiyaw pīkiskwēwin (Cree) and English, helps me to explain my point of view. My engagement with audiences, when using the language gifted to me, seems to create a seamless way of communicating even though both languages are completely different. I feel that listeners hear the heart and soul of this land when I articulate my thoughts, songs and stories through nēhiyaw pīkiskwēwin (Cree).
My keynote addresses are interspersed with traditional experience-based teachings and humor. Humor serves to create an atmosphere of relaxation when difficult topics are discussed. I also draw upon my experiences within the Buddhist community, having studied and travelled with a master teacher and meditation practitioner for fifteen years.”
I carry my traditional drum, wood song flute and nēhiyaw nikamowina (Cree songs) from my community and family to enhance my keynote address. This makes for a uniquely fascinating and dynamic presentation!”
Select from a variety of keynote presentation topics:

  • Nehiyo-itapsinowin (Cree Worldview)
  • The Residential School Legacy
  • Traditional Protocol and Seeking Knowledge
  • Being of First Nation Descent and Educated Through Euro-Canadian Worldview
  • Spirituality Through Cree Ritual
  • Buddhist and Indigenous Thought
  • Dreams as Spiritual Guidance within nēhiyaw itāpisiniwin (Cree Worldview),
  • Storytelling
  • Pitfalls on the Cree Spiritual Path
  • Bridging Cultures: Compassion in Today’s Global Environment

Create a transformative learning experience for your staff and/or colleagues. Joseph is available to discuss your organization’s needs and can customize if necessary to ensure resonance and engagement.

Joseph on State, Truth and Reconciliation
Joseph as Emcee, Aboriginal Heritage Day
Joseph as Emcee, Aboriginal Heritage Day